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We offer a full range of painting and decorating services in Nelson

Interior Painting Nelson Total Decorating

Interior Painting

Your home’s interior paint sets the tone of the house’s decor, it can bring bold energy or deliver a calming relaxed atmosphere. Interior painting of residential homes is the core…

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Wallpapering Nelson - Total Decorating


Wallpaper comes in an unlimited variety of colours and patterns and can add brilliant design elements to your home or business. It is also very durable and stands up well…

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exterior painting Nelson, Total Decorating

Exterior Painting

Painting your home not only improves the curb appeal, it's also the best thing you can do to protect it from the elements. It only takes seconds to form a…

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Painting and decorating Plastering Total Decorating Nelson


One of the most important steps in a renovation or building project is plastering. The first step in achieving a perfect paint finish is to prepare the surface it is…

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